Innovation is the key word for all my projects.
You could also call it restlesness, or easily distracted, but I prefer the term "ongoing innovation"
I am specialized in drupal, civicrm and hosting.


Uncertain times

Society is changing in many different ways.

We are in the middle of a transition from an industrialised economy to a network economy. The big political ideologies seem to be gone for good. We are also in the middle of an economic crisis and maybe at the start of an ecological one. Philosophy changed from certainty to post-modernism and maybe even to something after that.

The similarity between all those changes is the increase of uncertainty. Uncertainty is of course always part of changes, but it seems there is more to it.

Professional Survey with CiviCRM and Drupal via Webform

CiviCRM (www.civicrm.org) is a nice Open Source CRM which is very well integrated in drupal. To create a Survey with CiviCRM you start with creating the questions as custom fields. An obvious choice would be to then create a CiviCRM profile. But a CiviCRM profile does not allow you to have more then one page in one Survey, or to have Conditional questions, depending on previous answers.

Iphone photo/video sync

Finally I found a proper way to sync my > 4000 photo's and video's from my Iphone to my Linux PC.

I tried quite a few apps, but the one that works for me is PhotoSync ( http://photosync-app.com/ ).

When I installed it it has options for webtransfer (but that needed a lot more memory then I had), but also for ftp/sftp.
PhotoSync can sync pictures to any ftp/sftp server.

My own ubuntu pc did not have an ftp server.

So, on my own pc I installed "openssh-server" with
sudo apt-get install openssh-server


An international hosting company, with a focus on scalability, security and privacy.

We are specialized in drupal and civicrm sites, but also good in email and PM tools as Redmine.


What is a network economy without network organisations?

Trinfinity is the name of the network I work with on most of my projects.
Trinfinity is a network of independent internet professionals, mainly for Drupal and CiviCRM projects.

Designers, template builders, site configurators, project managers, module writers. Al those disciplines are availaible within Trinfinity.


Internet is the driving force of the network economy.
Tallyfox is a project with the goal to let groups for people collaborate with very user friendly tools.

The first network is the water network.

Java passion

For anyone who wants to learn more about Java is http://www.javapassion.com the perfect spot.

It has quite a few java courses completely online. With extended descriptions, good concept explanations and lots of code examples. You can register to it and get a certificate per course, but that is not required.

The courses are given by Sang Shin, a Sun Microsystem employee.

The courses are from Java beginner to advanced Spring and even a side step to Ruby on Rails.

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