Buro 302

With the Trinfinity network we started to collaborate with Buro302, a student company of the HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen).
To educate students in drupal and in working in a network organisation.


An international hosting company, with a focus on scalability, security and privacy.

We are specialized in drupal and civicrm sites, but also good in email and PM tools as Redmine.


What is a network economy without network organisations?

Trinfinity is the name of the network I work with on most of my projects.
Trinfinity is a network of independent internet professionals, mainly for Drupal and CiviCRM projects.

Designers, template builders, site configurators, project managers, module writers. Al those disciplines are availaible within Trinfinity.

The Mirdan Project

When you know that you know nothing, but you give the not-knowing a name.
What happens then?

The Mirdan Project is an attempt to find out.


Internet is the driving force of the network economy.
Tallyfox is a project with the goal to let groups for people collaborate with very user friendly tools.

The first network is the water network.