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Uncertain times

Society is changing in many different ways.

We are in the middle of a transition from an industrialised economy to a network economy. The big political ideologies seem to be gone for good. We are also in the middle of an economic crisis and maybe at the start of an ecological one. Philosophy changed from certainty to post-modernism and maybe even to something after that.

The similarity between all those changes is the increase of uncertainty. Uncertainty is of course always part of changes, but it seems there is more to it.

We have exchanged the certainty of christianity with the uncertainty of atheism or deism.
We have exchanged the certainty of hierarchies built to create control with the uncertainty of constantly changing collaborative working relationships within the network society.
We have exchanged the certainty of ideologies, with their certain future of the "new man" or "ubermensch" with a changing mixture of societies combined with a retreating government.
We have exchanged the certainties in philosophy with the uncertainties of post modernism and beyond. The few certainties of post modernism, like non-judgement over other societies, are under great pressure.

The question now is, are we in the middle of a change to new certainties? Or are we going to learn to deal with uncertainties?
Whatever it will be, it does not harm to acknowledge our current lack of certainties and deal with the consequences.

What I want to do with Orgis is to find ways to visualize uncertainty and deal with it on various different levels.

With Orgis I am building Trinfinity: A network of independent internet professionals. We slowly learned how to create a flexible, strong structure in a network of free people.

TallyFox is a smart concept to let organisations collaborate on a global scale. There is no effective global government on our planet, but there is global business and a need for global solutions. We have yet no idea how to organize it effectively. TallyFox can be a small part of the solution. It lets organisations communicate in private and when needed it lets people reach out to others in the same industry.

Another business I help grow with Orgis is GeoFlexCloud. When data is global and laws are national, we want our customers to choose how their "cloud" is organized and where the data resides. That's also the reason why we focus on Open Source, in a complex world we want our customers to own the software and influence where and how it is hosted.
Based in Switserland, the country which takes data security very serious, we offer cloud solutions the way you want and where you want it.

The Not Knowing House
The Not Knowing House is a place where you are allowed to not know it. It's no replacement for a church, but maybe it is a place where you can ease your mind and look to your life in a different way. The Not Knowing House is only virtual at this moment. It encourages you to create a space in your self where not knowing it is ok.

Mirdan is the name of the project where I explore the boundaries between knowing and not knowing. What happens when you visualize the not knowing and name it?