Pu is the word we use to express not knowing in the Mirdan Philosophy (blog 1).


There is a boundary between knowing and not knowing that we frequently encounter and cross ( blog 2).

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The behaviour of cows is unpredictable. You read it in my previous blog "Cows and not-knowing".

And when that behaviour leads to changes in the ecosystem, the ecosystem is unpredictable too.
That's what I learned in my internship.

After my internship I saw the same pattern more often.

The behaviour of individual people is unpredictable,...

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A young bull lived in a small herd in a nature reserve on the shores of a lake.


He felt ...

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Pu is the first word of the mirdan philosophy.

It is the word for everything we do not know or understand.

Imagine you do not know the meaning of life, then that will be pu for you.
Or you do not know what you want to do this afternoon, also pu.

More examples of pu are:

  • You want to do something different with your life, but you do not know what
  • ...
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Every big drupal site needs load testing before going live.

These are the key questions you should have answered in the final stages before deployment:

  • How does your infrastructure handle the expected amount of visitors?
  • how does it perform with maximum amount of visitors?
  • and at what amount of visitors does it start to crumble?

For anonymous...

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With Mirdan I investigate the boundaries between knowing and not knowing.

One of those boundaries is described by the chaos theory.
The chaos theory is about dynamic systems.
Simple systems can become unpredictable when elements react on each other.

Example 1 The Three Body...

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Society is changing in many different ways.

We are in the middle of a transition from an industrialised economy to a network economy. The big political ideologies seem to be gone for good. We are also in the middle of an economic crisis and maybe at the start of an ecological one. Philosophy changed from certainty to post-modernism and maybe even to something after that.


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CiviCRM (www.civicrm.org) is a nice Open Source CRM which is very well integrated in drupal. To create a Survey with CiviCRM you start with creating the questions as custom fields. An obvious choice would be to then create a CiviCRM profile. But a CiviCRM profile...

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Finally I found a proper way to sync my > 4000 photo's and video's from my Iphone to my Linux PC.

I tried quite a few apps, but the one that works for me is PhotoSync ( http://photosync-app.com/ ).

When I installed it it has options for webtransfer (but that needed a lot more memory then I had), but also for ftp/sftp.
PhotoSync can...

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Pu means: Everything I don't know or understand at this moment.

Pu is an abstraction, comparable to R in math.
It's like a mathematical set of all mental components you classify as "don't know or don't understand". It has no counterpart in the real world, it only exists in your mind.

The contents of the mathematical R are the same for everyone. Sometimes hard to understand...

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