Iphone photo/video sync

Finally I found a proper way to sync my > 4000 photo's and video's from my Iphone to my Linux PC.

I tried quite a few apps, but the one that works for me is PhotoSync ( http://photosync-app.com/ ).

When I installed it it has options for webtransfer (but that needed a lot more memory then I had), but also for ftp/sftp.
PhotoSync can sync pictures to any ftp/sftp server.

My own ubuntu pc did not have an ftp server.

So, on my own pc I installed "openssh-server" with
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Then I could use my pc as an sftp server.

After I configured the app with my new sftp server credentials (my own ubuntu username/pwd and the directory where it should upload) I could start the sync.