Changing the world.
It's not the smallest goal.

I really wanted to do it.
But did not know how, or if anything I would do would be an improvement?
How could I know?

I now know that I know very little.
I know so little I gave a word to it

That word is the start of this philosophy


Limits to knowing: chaos

With Mirdan I investigate the boundaries between knowing and not knowing.

One of those boundaries is described by the chaos theory.
The chaos theory is about dynamic systems.
Simple systems can become unpredictable when elements react on each other.

The Mirdan Project

When you know that you know nothing, but you give the not-knowing a name.
What happens then?

The Mirdan Project is an attempt to find out.

Personal temporal abstraction

Pu means: Everything I don't know or understand at this moment.

Pu is an abstraction, comparable to R in math.
It's like a mathematical set of all mental components you classify as "don't know or don't understand". It has no counterpart in the real world, it only exists in your mind.

The contents of the mathematical R are the same for everyone. Sometimes hard to understand, but mathematicians can talk about it and create prove what it contains and should contain. It's at least inter-subjective, if not objective information.

Independent Reality

There are borders where science and philosophy are not able to go beyond.
Some people don't like to look at those borders, they find it difficult to see that they exist.

Other people see those borders more clearly, but start fantasizing about their meaning and what is beyond. I don't think that that is a proper way.

The borders have a tendency to move, at least our view of those borders.

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